Distribution Set-Up

Having a great product is only one part of the equation for a successful business. You also need a solid plan to deliver that product to customers?

Fortunately, you have more options for getting your product to the end user than you may realize, and depending on what type of business you run, you may be able to use more than one avenue for fulfilment.

We are experts when it comes to helping our clients with taking their products to newer markets, and enhance reach, distribution & penetration in existing markets.

Following are some of our tried and tested ways that we deploy for our clients

  • Use a Drop-Shipper
  • Create a Click-to-Brick Program for Your Retail Store
  • Form a Strategic Partnership With Another Business
  • Make Use of Distributors

Moreover, we also help our clients by setting up sales and distribution network across India, wherein Building Brands recruits, trains and deploys sales teams and on ground staff.

It only makes sense. When your company is struggling with a problem, what do you do? You call in an expert, a consultant, a specialist. So contact us and we will help you build your sales and distribution network from scratch.